Local Diesel Polishing Service in Leeds, Bradford & Skipton

Does your boat suffer from fuel problems?

Since the introduction of low sulphur fuel (FAME) together with the addition of bio-fuel to red diesel, many leisure boaters have noticed fuel problems.

Fuel Polishing will remove the Diesel Bug from your boat.

Diesel Bug is a fungal contamination caused by the growth of microbes at the point where red diesel comes into contact with water and moisture within the fuel tank. Microbes within the bio-fuel feed on the water and reproduce at a very fast pace. As they die they leave behind a waxy sludge which in turn contaminates the fuel. This contamination will block fuel filters and even damage pumps and injectors.

We can remove the Diesel Bug from your tank.

Our diesel bug treatment uses specialised cleaning and filtration equipment has been designed to remove this contamination from your fuel tank. We can remove water, rust, sludge and diesel bug from your diesel.

No Fuel will be lost in this process

We will filter and polish your fuel removing any particles larger than 2 microns as well as any water or moisture in your fuel tank.

The ultimate Diesel Bug treatment is removal along with any other contaminants

Recommended mobile based diesel polishers for fuel problems throughout the North of England including Bradford, Skipton and Wakefield.